Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Perfect Kitchen

the kitchen

Perfect Kitchen. Choosing the type of flooring we want to use is much more difficult then trying to find what to use in our living room or bedroom. The options are many and it is up to us to know what would work best in our trendy kitchen, what is practical, what is easy to maintain, and what is in our price range.

Concrete Kitchen Flooring

It is hard to imagine us using concrete in our kitchens – but it is becoming more and more popular. A material that used to be considered boring can now be treated with the color and design of our choice. One of the biggest advantages to this is that it is one of the easiest to install and does not require to be glued or snapped together.

Most are designed with radiant heating that is installed underneath the floor to prevent it from becoming cold on our feet during the winter months and it is easy to maintain. When you go through the right company you can even get it to simulate the appearance of slate, marble, tile, and hardwood floors without paying an exorbitant amount of money.

Ceramic Kitchen Flooring

Ceramic floors are durable, look great, and easy to maintain. The most common are the stone ceramic that help to create a beautiful look when designing a trendy kitchen. The price for this flooring will depend on where you live and the quality of the floor you choose. This material is made from boulders that has been put through a special process and combined with other materials to give it an ethnic appearance.

Laminate Kitchen Flooring

Laminate flooring is one of the more popular choices because of how affordable it is to use and install. It is made using synthetic fibers which can be manipulated to take on the appearance of whatever floor you want. Like with concrete this will save you from spending a large amount of money on the real deal without losing the beauty of it. You can install these floors yourself – but without the proper care they can be easily damaged.

Linoleum Kitchen Flooring

This is probably the oldest flooring option that is made using linseed oil, pine, resin, and wood powder. These all natural ingredients makes it very eco friendly and helps to reduce the cost. It is designed with various finishes that give it a unique appearance and pattern to suit your kitchen.

Slate Kitchen Flooring

Slate flooring is slightly more expensive – but is ideal when you are trying to create a trendy kitchen. It is made using non-porous rock that keeps it from becoming stained. It is possible to find this in a variety of colors that include gray, black, rust, maroon, and green. One of its best qualities is that it is slip resistant.

Travertine Kitchen Flooring

This is a type of stone flooring that can be found in various colors and textures. It is a very durable and sturdy flooring that is able to withstand almost anything. However, it is quite expensive to use.

Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

This is another common flooring and is very affordable. You can purchase this in either sheets or tiles that are easy and quick to install. It is one of the most durable flooring that is easy to maintain and can last for years.

Hardwood Kitchen Flooring

Hardwood floors are a great flooring option to go with and have been known to last longer then most others. You can purchase them in strips, planks, or squares that you can install on your own. It is up to you to choose the type of wood that you want to use. You will spend more on wood that is of higher quality – but this is what will make it durable and easy to maintain for years to come.

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