Easy and Quick Three Cheese, Mushroom and Crispy Prosciutto

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I made these raviolis in March 2015 for my coworker  and roommate. They have some more expensive ingredients in them, but are awesome for when you want to go decadent!

I topped them with a homemade pesto (that was fortified with cream).

What do you need to make these beauties?

goat’s milk Gouda
Parmesan Reggiano (not the powdered crap)
fresh basil (dried will NOT work the same)
olive oil
white wine (feel free to indulge while creating)
dry mustard
2 eggs
3 slices prosciutto
Listed above is just for the filling – if you want to make the pasta dough from scratch (which I recommend) please see my Pasta Dough page.

When needed, I will give you exact measurements. Baking is an exact science – requiring specific amounts of certain ingredients to ensure that the chemical balance is correct to achieve what you want. Cooking is FUN. Oops, you added too much of one ingredient? See how it goes!

1. Slice mushrooms, chop shallots, grate various cheeses (NOT THE MASCARPONE…it’s too soft for that). Have these beauts ready to rock soon.

2. Use a spoon and take a nice big blob (true cooking measurement) of mascarpone and put it in a bowl.

3. Pour a teaspoon or so of olive oil into a frying pan on low/medium heat.

4. Put mushrooms and shallots into frying pan (with the olive oil, don’t go chucking that stuff away). Saute on a lower heat, you don’t want the mushrooms to get crunchy or to burn the shallots. Wait for them to get a bit soft and add a little butter (NOTE: if you want to add garlic to this recipe, you definitely can and I would do it at this point. I didn’t for mine because I put a large amount of it in the pesto). Turn up the heat a bit and move the melting butter around so that all the mushrooms and shallots can absorb some of it.

5. WINE TIME! Now, whether you’ve already cracked it open and have already drank a little more than you intended to or are stone cold sober, pour wine into a DIFFERENT cup. Doesn’t have to even be a cup, just don’t pour it straight from the bottle. You want to put a smallish amount in (more for drinking) so that the mushrooms and shallots absorb it and the alcohol cooks out. You don’t want to drown them in wine, since you are about to add the mushrooms and shallots to the mascarpone and you don’t want your filling to be all runny.

6. Add mushrooms and shallots to mascarpone (bet you didn’t see that coming…) and mix well. Add a bit of pepper and dry mustard at this point. Your preference to the amounts.

7. Wash the fresh basil and grab about 12 clean leaves. Blend them with ONE egg and mix that into the mascarpone mixture.

8. Crisp the prosciutto in the frying pan. Prosciutto is very thin and can burn really easily so do this quickly and monitor it. When that’s done, crumble it into bits and mix into the mascarpone mixture.

9. Add the grated cheeses until the mixture is “clumpy”.

10. Lay out fresh pasta dough (or store-bought, I will only judge slightly) and lay out small mounds (size of a teaspoon). Make sure there is enough room that when you put the other layer of pasta dough on top that the mounds have space to go (as they will get slightly shmushed) and that there is enough space between mounds for your ravioli cutter/cup .

11. Crack the other egg in a small bowl and beat it. Using your fingers (if clean) or a brush, paint a small circle with egg around each mound.

12. Put the other layer of pasta on top and seal in place around each mound. Be sure eliminate as much air as possible from the mounds when sealing. It won’t be the end of the world if you don’t, but your raviolis will look a little deflated if there is a lot of space.

13. Put raviolis into boiling water (I actually use the pan from the mushroom/shallot/prosciutto escapades – you will have boiling water faster and the raviolis are so flat that they don’t need a large pot). They only need to be in there for a couple minutes, as you will see them float up. Remove with slotted spoon, dump water from pan, throw in your sauce and place raviolis back in pan and coat them. They are a bit delicate so be gentle.

14. EAT THEM. Or be a nice person like me and test a couple and then feed them to your roommate and coworker.

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