What A Grocery List Looked Like 130 Years Ago

More than 130 years ago, people thought of food in much more different way.

But, as we can see, basic facts about food have not changed too much. In a food list below, we listed most important food and what people were thinking of it. For example ,these days people often ask themselves, is honey good for you and is it healthy?

There are opposite opinions, because it is pure sugar, fast and highly concentrated.But many people think that it is very healthy and that improves immune system and protects from infection.

As old cooking book says: Cook must know which food and in what amount affects health of her loved ones. If we eat mixed food, meet and vegetables, we will satisfy the needs of our body. If we do not eat meet at all, or very little, we should know what food can replace meat in adequate way.

Meat, especially the red meat(beef,veal) have all materials of which consists our own body, there fore it is very strong food. Individuals that eat a lot of meat provoke their temper and arouse their blood, so the meat is a good food for the people who work very hard.

Not all the meat are the same. For example venison is much stronger then other meat.It is provoking and easy to digest. Gelatin is main material of the meat from young animals, their legs, heads, bowels and tendons.

It boosts white blood cells in our blood and it is a good food for people with sharp personalities. It cools us down in warm weather and is harmful for the people that are lazy and slow.

If muscle fibers are tough they will loosen up if we hit the meat with hammer. On the contrary, if we boil it too much, it will become dry and hard to digest. In meat sauce there are plenty of proteins and we can find it in brains, liver and blood.

Milk is a liquid meat. It is good for recovering patients and people that suffers from anemia. When it is nicely digested it will keep us peaceful. So it is good for the people with lively temperament and bad for slow and lazy. Very fat milk is hard for digesting, so it is good to add some water to it if you are giving it to a baby. Yogurt is extremely good food for violent persons because it is very relaxing.

Eggs have a lot of albumen in it, and a lot of fat in the yolk. It is makes them a perfect meal, taken with bread. Stomach easily digests boiled eggs and scrambled eggs. So, it is a good food for sick people,old and very young. Also, for hard working men.

Starch is substance easily found in corn and potatoes. It makes us fat and interferes with production of the blood in our body.It makes us full, but not so much as the meat.

Animal and vegetable fat produces a lot of energy and generates temperature, but it can not be eaten alone, only in addition to other food in a process of cooking.

Sugar helps digestion and evaporation from the surface of our skin. So it is good for kids and sick people. Honey is sugar made from flower juice and it helps process of healing.

Fruits and Vegetables are very important because they have a lot of minerals essential for our body.Also a lot of salt, iron and phosphorus.

Food rich in iron is good for people that suffers from anemia. Potato is used as addition to main meal. Beans has three times more energy then potato and a lot of proteins. Mushrooms are rich in proteins but hard to digest.

Fruit is especially good, only if it is ripe.

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